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A reverse phone number search is basically tracing information on the owner of a land line or cellphone number. In most cases, information like name and address of the owner of a landline can be found on online phone directories, but these landline phone directory searches provide very limited information and do not list information on cellphones or unlisted numbers.

A while ago, the tools and databases necessary to trace a phone number was only available to law enforcement agencies and personnel, but now almost anyone can lookup information on the owner of any landline of cellphone number through online reverse phone lookup and reverse phone searches.

Reverse phone number lookups can also be used to find comprehensive information on a cellphone or land line number owner. Aside from the cellphone number or land line owner’s name and address, any person can now run a comprehensive criminal background check on the phone numbers owner.

Preliminary Reverse Phone Trace Sample Report

Search Results may also Include:

Associated owner’s name and address, Phone type (landline or cell) and carrier, Criminal and civil history, Comprehensive Background Check and more…

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