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Most people think that a reverse phone lookup is just a simple directory or people’s names, numbers and addresses, but with the fast paced evolution of technology, reverse phone lookup directories have gone beyond that.

To understand what a reverse phone lookup really is; imagine first what a normal printed directory does. That big hundred page book you have lying around is basically a listing or a database of people’s names, number and addresses. To use it, you just have to search a person’s name and then listed beside it is the person’s corresponding contact number and address.

Now a reverse phone lookup is the exact reverse, instead of using a person’s name to look for his information, you use a telephone or cellular phone number. There are free reverse phone number searches provided by most telephone companies, but these searches are limited to landlines, and a person’s address and name.

On the other hand, online reverse phone searching services provide much more. Now with just a telephone or cell phone number, you can acquire not only a person’s address and name, but also other related information of the owner; including past criminal records, birth records, past addresses, list of neighbors, convictions, and other crucial information.

How this is works is that reverse phone lookup companies amass a large amount of data from different sources, including telecommunications companies, public records databases, and other resources and then provide you with an easy search function to compile a report on any person just by searching using their landline or cell number.

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